Scheduled Courses & Workshops

Below is a list of CRMTA’s pre-approved and pre-scheduled courses and workshops.

NOTE: If you are a CRMTA member planning on taking a course, you must have it approved prior to receiving any credits. Unfortunately we can not guarantee every course as it needs to be evaluated for value, education competence, primary or secondary credit and more.

If you are taking an approved course, you are required to send in a copy of the document or certificate to us for inclusion in your file. If it is not a pre-approved course you will need to pre-submit documents and have the course approved for credits.

We design courses based on
Massage Therapists needs

Seminars for Health provides over 70 quality courses per year with a diverse offering that meet all RMT’s needs. Courses are held in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Florida and soon Saskatoon.

 Massage Therapy Students receive a 20% discount off courses (except Cadaver Lab & First Aid) 

  • Our Dynamic Cupping and Massage course designed for RMT’s uses silicone cups that fit seamlessly into your practice.
  • Emphasis on kinetic and achieve noticeable results by gaining movement within the joint.
  • Anatomy and kinesiology are integral parts of our courses.
  • People travel from all around the country to experience our cadaver lab.
  • Our assessment based courses validate that you are doing the correct treatment.
  • Continued education with Seminars for Health will help you build and retain clientele.
  • Preserve your health with self care and proper body mechanics.
  • Available for support and mentorship through Connecting for Health.
  • Calgary location now provides massage tables when joining our courses.

Please visit our website for a complete list of our courses, including prices, location, credits and course dates.

Seminars for Health Certifications